I’m a 35 year old gamer and Gunpla kit builder.

I’ve been into video-gaming since I was little. My very console was an Intellivision! Props if you know what it is. I skipped over the NES days but had plenty of time playing friend’s units. I really got into things with an SNES and experience the classic days of Nintendo and the 90s. Gameboy, N64, Playstation, GBA, PS2, XBoX, DS Lite, PS3 and XBoX 360 are all consoles I’ve owned over my life.

Nowadays I’m much more of a PC gamer and devote much of gaming resources to such.

As for Gunpla, I’ve been into it for well over ten years and have over 65 kits built to date. Ranging from Perfect grade to the older non-grade kits, from simple snapping together to full on custom paint jobs. Nowadays I’m not in the condition to full paint jobs anymore as it effects my health but I have become proficient at straight building many kits a step above what is expected through ink washes and detail painting.