Gunpla Reviews – HGUC Barzam


My review of the High Grade Universal Century Barzam (HGUC-204).

Detail – (9/10) This is an excellent kit of the Barzam, capturing the oddity of the design quite well. Colors are great and the use of stickers for missing color apps is minimal. Monoeye is a colored clear piece and not a sticker unlike most HG kits. Some red inside thrusters is an option along with the gray part of the beam rifle are painting options to better the kit.

Articulation – (9/10) This is an exceptionally articulate kit for a high grade and even out performs some real grades. This is partly due to the kits odd design and lack of armor in certain places that allow it much more freedom in range of motion than other kits. This makes for creating many interesting poses both on and off the ground.

Extras – (7/10) The Barzom comes with it’s beam rifle, a pair of beam sabers, a head vulcan pod and two pairs of hands; open and closed fists. The beam rifle, as strange as it looks, feels lacking in any meaningful detail. Along with the regular beam sabers, vulcan pod and hands, there isn’t much here in terms of accessories. The assortment is pretty standard but a little something more would had been nice.

Value – (10/10) This kit came out in May of 2017 for 1600 yen (~$16). Being such a new HG with such great looks and articulation, this kit is already a winner. As there are no other official kits of the Barzam currently, this is the only gunpla option for those looking to build one. For it’s price, it can’t be beat.

Total – 35/40 This is a surprisingly great High Grade kit and shows that Bandai has been stepping up their game in the HG kits. Definitely pick this one up.

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