Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Freedom Gundam


My review of the Real Grade Freedom Gundam (RG-05)

While I wasn’t always a big fan of the Freedom, this kit changed my mind a bit and I consider it one of the better RGs out there.

Detail – (10/10) This is a great looking kit right out of the box. The added separation in the wings makes for a fuller looks when fully deployed. No practical painting needed anywhere except for a bit of color in the beam rifle scope.

Articulation – (8/10) Re uses the Strike Gundam MS Joint frame and overall articulation is as expected of a RG. Only areas of concern are around the hips due to the large and somewhat immobile rail guns on the side skirts blocking the full range of the legs and opening the wings does need to be done with care as parts easily pry loose. Since the kit is a bit back heavy, posing it up on an action base is a must.

Extras – (8/10) Technical accessories are pretty basic on the Freedom. The beam rifle is nicely designed with no sticker for the blue striping and can be pegged to the back skirt for storage. The shield is nicely detailed and plugs into the elbow socket. The shield handle is fixed but can be re-positioned (Although you probably won’t since it fits in the hand only one way). Beam sabers are on the hips and come with rather large blades and they can be linked together. Hands are the standard RG ones, a pair of fists and one right trigger and and one open left hand. A Kira figure and an action base connector included. Markings are the sticker type and while there are a few large ones, the placement seems balanced.

Value – (9/10) This kit is a November 2011 release for 2500 yen ($21). Price wise, this is the low average for RGs and at that price it’s still a great buy. Alternatives to this would be the HGCE Freedom Gundam from 2015 for 1700 yen and the MG 2.0 of the Freedom Gundam from 2016 for 4500 yen. The RG is bracketed right between the two but overall it’s still version in 1/144. There are older SeeD HGs and a MG of the Freedom but I consider them outdated or replaced at this point in time so I didn’t look closely at them.

Total – (35/40) This is a excellent kit overall and a great version of the Freedom Gundam. Definitely recommended.

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