Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Gouf Custom


My review of the Master Grade Gouf Custom (MG-36)

This is a older MG kit, fully painted and slightly modified.

Detail – (8/10) For an older kit, it is very faithful to the look of the lineart and overall aesthetic of the suit in the 08th Mission Team OVA. A few minor details on the suit itself will need painting such as the red inside the thruster bells and blue elbow joints. The heat sword comes molded in one color of gray so the hilt will need to be painted as will the sight hole on the shield.

Articulation – (5/10) Despite having more inner frame than MG kits before it, the overall articulation is subpar for MGs in general. Elbows only bend 90 degrees, knees slightly more than that. The waist and hip articulation is very restricted due to the design and nearly immobile. The feet have far too much forward bend on a loose joint which causes the kit of fall forward quite often. As for holding it’s huge gatling shield, it can… sort of. There are screws in some of the joints so it can be tightened enough to hold it, but balance will still a problem.

Extras – (8/10) You get this guy for it’s massive gatling shield/sword/3 barrel gun combo and it is a very nice weapon. The details of the guns themselves are quite nice and the barrel can rotate on a polycap. A downside though is that the gatling gun can’t be removed from the shield without modification if you want to display the Gouf with just it’s shield and sword. The hands are finger swapping kinds, early predecessors of the swappable fingers we see today but not as good. The finger do tend to fall out easily. The other weapon is it’s heat rod which more a wired hook that just plugs into the right wrist socket. You get a large, vinyl figure of Norris Packard with this kit, typical of many of the older MG kits but no scaled standing figure. Kit comes with sticker markings and dry transfers.

Value – (7/10) This is a 3000 yen (~$26) kit from February 2001. This is a much older MG than most and while the design is still solid, the articualtion has not aged well. Still, for the price it’s relatively cheap compared to most MG kits. The only other kits of the Gouf Custom are the older 1/144 HG and the HGUC from 2010. The HGUC looks to very comparable in terms of design and articulation so a purchase decision will probably be determined by what scale you want this in.

Total – (28/40) Overall, still a good kit despite age not treating it well.

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