Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Gundam Exia Repair II


My review of the Real Grade Gundam Exia Repair II.

This is another P-Bandai exclusive kit and a parts variation of the RG Gundam Exia kit.

Overall this kit is much the same as the original RG Exia but with a few new parts. New parts are mostly around the waist and shoulders with a few pieces on the torso and legs that are new/or replacing old parts. The GN Sword Kai is basically the old GN Sword with a new blade.

Of note is that the new parts around the waist do compromise the hip articulation so the kit is unable to lift it’s legs forward much. 😦

It comes with a new sticker sheet with more lining stickers than before and a few of them are troublesome to line up correctly.

The kit came out in March of 2017 for 2700 yen. As a P-Bandai kit however, the actual cost will must higher.

This is a good overall but probably not worth seeking out unless you are a big fan of the Gundam Exia. The new parts are only mildly noteworthy and at worst hamper the hips.

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