Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Victory 2 Gundam ver Ka


My review of the Master Grade Victory 2 Gundam ver Ka (MG-191)

Ending my month of transforming gunpla on another of Katoki’s puzzle piece Gundams and a rather complicated one at that.

Detail – (9/10) As with most ver Ka kits, this Gundam looks great out of the box and that ver ka attention to detail is present throughout. Nearly everything is molded in the color it should be with the sole exception of the red rings around the hardpoints and the clear landing gears.

Articulation – (5/10) Due to the kit’s complex transformation and three piece separation, the articulation takes a major sacrifice. It is woefully sub-par for a modern MG. The arms fare the best with decent and expected ranges of motion however the elbows routinely disconnect and the shallow shoulder peg is prone to coming off. The legs fare worse with without front and back motion at the hips but have a decent knee bend. The feet are just okay in their range but lack any side angle movement due to the close fitting armor. With the restricted articulation, getting good poses out of this kit is nearly impossible.

Extras – (9/10) For such a small Gundam, it has a good amount of extra goodies. The beam rifle is modular and comes apart for a couple different configurations with a tiny beam pistol hidden inside. Beam saber handles are quite tiny and stow in the red beam shield parts. You get some thin blades for them as well as one beam fan. The beam shield effect part is very nice and fits nicely on the kit. Kit comes with fixed, swap-able hands with fist, open, saber holding and trigger hand parts. The hands hold the weapons well but your experience may vary as some have reported problems with this in other reviews. You also get an action base connector and a Shakti figure along with an extra core fighter and the connectors for the fighters.
Kit comes with water slide decals and they are very nice, but it does feel a bit heavy in the markings.
Only thing really missing are some effect parts for the Wings of Light. As minor as they would had been, Bandai should had just included them instead marketed them separately as a P-Bandai add-on.

Transformation – For the most part, transformation is not that difficult. It seems well thought out, even if it seems a bit unintuitive. The core fighter serves as the top part of the body and has the head and beam drive wings. Only tricky part is sliding the nose piece inside; I found it easy to just disconnect the node piece and slide the grey connector back and reconnect the nose once it’s place. The upper body is straight forward to change around even though it looks complicated; the tricky part is getting the shoulder armor in the right spot so everything lines up without the arms falling off. Legs are pretty simple with no triple jointed knees to bother with. Hips split apart and move around much like on the Zeta MG kits. There are lots of latches throughout the process to help hold things in place it works.

Value – (8/10) This kit came out in December of 2015 for 4800 yen (~$43). Overall this is a very nice kit with a high degree of quality expected from a ver Ka kit. The only negative is the sacrificed articulation for the transformation gimmick. Considering the amount of nice extras you get with this kit, the value is pretty fair but not perfect. If you want a better articulated V2 Gundam, the the HGUC version may be a better buy at 1300 yen.

Total – (31/40) Despite the below average articulation for a MG, this is still a very nice kit. However I consider this to be a more advanced MG kit to work with. The complex transformation, small parts and water slides may be too much for a beginner to handle. Only get this if you’re a big fan of the Victory 2, or looking for a challenge.

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