Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade S Gundam


My review of the Master Grade S Gundam (MG-55)

Detail – (8/10) This is a nicely detailed kit for an older release. Lots of panel lining throughout. Dark plastic is prone to whitening. Stickers used for the red on the wings. Almost has a ver Ka feel to it.

Articulation – (5/10) Overall articulation is barely average. The arms have great range and even a slight clavicle joint. No waist movement. Legs and feet are restricted in movement. Kit is overall quite top heavy and tricky to balance while standing. Feet are not not flat which hampers balance. Definitely needs a stand but one is not included and current stands don’t fit it properly.

Extras – (6/10) The beam smart gun is a fabulous weapon. With it’s attached hard points to the suit it can be held easily, one handed and and dual handed with the additional connector. Beam sabers are standard fare and store in the knees. Kit comes with two options of core fighter; a normal fighter and a combined G-Core fighter which serves as something of a core block. Additional cockpit pods can be detached and linked to the core fighter to form another G-Core. Lens barrel on the BSG lacks any colored lens or sticker. No option parts for having the hip beam cannon configuration. Kit comes with stickers and dry transfers.

Transformation is quite complex and tricky. The arms are done quite well. Legs have sliding panels that cover up parts of the leg during transformation nicely. Torso area is the most difficult as the tail binder has to flip up and under the kit via a series of joints that are poorly depicted in the manual. Many of the ABS pieces are prone to stress marks during transformation.

Value – (7/10) This kit came out in October 2002 and retails for 6000 yen (~$54). The only other comparable kit is the HGUC version from 2001 which is 1800 yen and is non transformable and needs a lot of paint to look correct. As Sentinel kits are a rarity from Bandai, the MG is still the best available kit of the S Gundam however it’s expensive price and old quality with a frustrating transformation bring it down somewhat.

Total – (26/40) This is still an above average kit but with it’s price and complexity, I can only recommend it to fans of this particular Gundam. Until Bandai creates new Sentinel kits, this is the best they to offer.

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