Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Zeta Gundam


My review of the Real Grade Zeta Gundam (RG-10)

This kit has garnered a reputation as one of the worst RG kits, but is it really that bad? The video is a bit long, but I wanted this review to be somewhat definitive of all this kit is and isn’t.

Detail – (9/10) Out of box this version of the Zeta has some great proportions and excellent level of detail throughout. No additional painting required anywhere. Some noticeable gaps do exist on the torso in MS mode. Holes on the sides of the lower legs should be vents and looks like a piece is missing. Waverider mode is nice and compact but the side skirts appears to be resting too far forward on the kit in this mode.

Articulation – (6/10) Articulation is decent for what this kit is and it mostly matches what the MG 2.0 Zeta can do. However it does have it’s share of issues regarding it’s frame design; no clavicle whatsoever, front and side skirts attached to the upper leg and can very easily get pushed out of position. Legs are precariously attached to the main body via small plastic c-clips which raises some concerns of well the leg joint will hold up over time. The torso is very prone to warping and coming apart if mishandled during posing. Yellow chest pieces will fall off during transformation.

Extras – (8/10) Beam rifle and shield provided as nicely detailed, but basic gear. Beam sabers are stand fare and can be stored in the side skirts. Extra set of beam sabers provided for the beam rifle. Grenade packs and an extra missile pod are provided as well. Land skids for the waverider mode, a Kamille Bidan figure and a duel use action base connector are provided as well. Hands provided are the RG ones, a pair of fists, and one trigger hand and one open hand. No Hyper Mega Launcher included like with other Zeta kits. Has a fairly large and extensive sticker sheet. Probably a bit too IMO.

Transformation into waverider mode is similar to the MG 2.0, but with a few differences. Notable the hip area is totally different from the MG and the backpack connectors are simplified. Transformation is tricky to do but it’s easier if you detach the backpack and work a section at a time and be patient.

Value – (7/10) This kit came out in November of 2012 for 3000 yen (~$26). Comparable Zeta kits are the old HGUC for 1600 yen, the newer GEP HGUC Zeta for 1800 yen and the MG 2.0 Zeta for 5000 yen. With the recent release of the Gundam Evolution Project HG Zeta Gundam the value of the RG has depreciated a bit as the GEP Zeta is a great alternative for those who want a Zeta without the hassle and shortcomings of a full transformation in 1/144. However the RG still the better detailed kit, even over the MG 2.0 so it still has a fair value for it’s price.

Total – (30/40) This is still a good, even great kit. However it is not for everybody. This kit requires a level of patience that most amateur or new gunpla builders may not have. Even experienced builders are divided over having a full transformation in this scale versus having a nice parts-former kit. Only get this kit if you are prepared for what it entails.

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