Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Wing Gundam EW


My review of the Real Grade Wing Gundam EW (RG-20)

Detail – (10/10) This is kit is so colorful and great looking out of the box. Plenty of colors throughout the kit with a nice mix of white, red, yellow and red. No painting needed anywhere to fill in missing spots.

Articulation – (6/10) In general, the articulation of kit is on par with other RG kits, but it suffers a great deal from loose parts falling off and other pieces running into others restricting movement. The knee joint is prone to being bent incorrectly and takes some finagling to get it back right. On the good side however, it’s back wings are not that heavy (although having this on an action base is recommended) and it can hold it’s buster rifle well one handed.

Extras – (9/10) Comes with a very long buster rifle. It’s a nice weapon but my personal opinion is that’s too big. The shield the kit comes with is nice looking as well but is nothing particularity noteworthy. It attaches to the arm via a forearm clip and works well. The beam saber is stored in the shield and is tricky to remove. Kit comes with a pair of nice looking blue/green beam blades that are rarely seen (You only need one though, so have an extra). Comes with the standard assortment of fixed hands; trigger holding, fists, open emotive, and the RG hands. Heero Yui figure included. Has two action base connectors, one for MS mode and another for bird mode, although I find the bird mode one doesn’t connect securely and is loose. Lastly you get some extra “pontoons” for the bird mode with extra energy packs for the buster rifle. These attach to the fore arms and work better in bird mode than MS mode where they just get in the way. Comes with the standard sticker decals and isn’t too heavy on them.

Value – (8/10) This kit came out in January of 2016 for 2500 yen (~$22). Comparable kits are the two MG versions of this design which debuted in 2004 and the recolor in 2011 for 3500 yen. I have heard the MG kit has a few issues with regards to holding it’s rifle which is only bigger in MG form. The RG with it’s lower price and better ability to hold it’s weapon and pose with no additional paint work is probably the better buy.

Total – (33/40) This still a great kit overall despite a few articulation issues. If you like this variant of the Wing Gundam, then pick it up.

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