Gunpla Reviews – RE 100 Bawoo

My review of the RE 100 Bawoo (RE-06)

Detail – (9/10) This is a great depiction of Bawoo. Nicely colored with lots of lining detail throughout. As with most RE 100 kits, there are some missing color apps such as yellow inside various vents and orange and brown details.

Articulation – (8/10) Surprisingly decent for a RE 100 kit and a transformable kit. Elbows lack a double joint so their range limited and there is no proper clavicle joint for the shoulders. Has decent waist articulation for a transformable kit. Legs are articulated enough for most posing.

Extras – (7/10) Beam is basically constructed but looks nice. Cable on the scope should be red. Shield looks nice but the side MPC guns could had been molded better as their details are soft. Shield only attaches to the back of the forearm so posing can be a bit awkward. Beam sabers are standard fare. Optional missile packs have a very loose clip on to the wings and often fall off.

Transformation is not difficult and only the hands have to be removed. No parts swapping in this kit. Backpack joints are stiff but they hold well. Kit comes with two action base connectors for the the Bawoo Attacker and Bawoo Nutter. The Attacker connector is used for MS mode. Kit comes with standard stickers. Only one set of holding hands provided, an alternate set would had been nice to have.

Value – (9/10) This kit came out in November of 2016 and retails for 3500 yen (~$31). The only comparable Bawoo kit is the HGUC, however it is a much older HG kit (year 2000) and has some different proportions and will require more painting to look correct. The RE 100 is the much version of the Bawoo currently and for it’s price, it’s a very good buy.

Total – (33/40) This is so far probably one of my favorite RE 100 kits. I’ve only built two others (The Dijeh which lacks some good detail and articualtion, and the Efreet which is very detailed but difficult to pose) but compared to those this kit has more going for it and looks quite nice. If it interests you, pick it up. You will be quite pleased.

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