Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Zeta plus C1


My review of the Master Grade Zeta plus C1 (MG-46).

An older Zeta kit, transformable, and one of the few Sentinel kits around.

Detail – (9/10) While it’s mostly a monotone colored kit of gray, I enjoy it’s more aircraft like scheme and the few dashes of blue and white break up the monotony a bit. Color wise, it appear accurate to the lineart so no additional painting needed. There are visible seams to deal with if you plan on painting, notably the lower legs.

Articulation – (6/10) Posing the kit is difficult as many of the joints are super tight and the combined fragility of the variable frame leads to the kit falling apart more often than you’d want. It can pretty much only hold it’s beam smart gun in one good pose. The hip area is especially prone to coming apart as the “lock” piece comes loose while moving the legs. The kit looks best just standing with it’s huge gun.

Extras – (7/10) Not much here, but the huge beam smart gun/shield is quite the weapon and makes up for a lack of any sidearms. There are some nice looking beam saber handles and blades that come with this but the iron fist hands have a bit of a issue holding them well. You get some generic pilot figures as well. Kit comes with foils for the blue sensors, stickers and dry transfers. Use the dry transfers for the tail binder, not the stickers like me. (Yes, there are dry transfers for the big letters. I just missed them during filming)

Transformation itself is not as difficult as the standard Zeta Gundam, perhaps due to less articulated parts and an easier to work backpack.

Value – (9/10) This is a kit from February 2002 that retails for 3000 yen (~$26). There isn’t much out there for another option on this kit as any original Sentinel kit will be vastly inferior and the only HG version was a P-Bandai kit from last year which would make it hard to track down and probably more expensive. With it’s slightly cheaper than average MG price, it’s still a good value kit to have if you’re into the design.

Total – 31/40 This is still an above average MG although age hasn’t treated it well. Painted up, this kit will be fantastic looking. As a straight build, it’s just okay.

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