Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade ZZ Gundam


My review of the Master Grade ZZ Gundam (MG-26).

A bit of a long review but there’s lot to talk about with this kit.

Detail – (8/10) Big, chunky representation of the ZZ Gundam. Lots of colors throughout. Sparse on panel lining but the business of the kit doesn’t require it. For accuracy, several thruster vents will require painting throughout the kit.

Articulation – (6/10) As typical of a fully transformable kit, articulation is average at best. No waist movement. Shoulder movement restricted by size and the backpack. Not as terrible as you’d think but definitely making you wish it was better. hands are the old 3 finger, index finger and thumb deal. Transformation is not as difficult as you’d think, especially compared to other Zeta MGs. G-Fortress mode is quite nice looking and is cover more in a separate video.

Extras – (7/10) Impressive looking arsenal however the large weapons are just too big and awkward for the kit to pose with and barely stay in the hands. You get a sack full of landing gears for each form of the transformed ZZ Gundam. One, decent looking transformable core fighter included along with with a static core block. Comes with the old MG stickers that aren’t that great and dry transfers.

Value – (7/10) This is a 4000 yen($36) kit from December of 1999. $36 is a good price for any MG, especially a rather large one, however the newer HGUC version just looks better overall and the revised Ver Ka MG is on the horizon. There will soon be no need for anyone to purchase this kit. As is, it’s a good kit for the price, but not necessarily the best value.

Total – (28/40) This is an above average kit with nice shelf presence but it’s age does show and is going to replaced soon.

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