Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina


My review of the Real Grade Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina (RG-24) [Re-upload with fixed video]

Detail – (9/10) A stunning re-imagining of the Amatsu Mina. The uses of shiny black with the bright golds really stands out on this kit. Multiple shades of gold plastic are used throughout the kit with a couple shades of black. There are few noticeable nubs on the hard, gloss black plastic(a familiar issue to anyone who built the RG Sinanju). Eye stickers weren’t that good from my experience. Paint is optional, but it’ll definitely make the kit look better in a few spots such as the hands..

Articulation – (8/10) While it mostly retains the excellent articulation of the Red Fame kit, this bulkier kit runs into more issues of parts hitting one another. A lot more stuff is sticking out in several spots which janks up the articulation in a few spots but it’s nothing major. The Maganoikutachi is a tad heavy with all the added articulation but the kit can stand if needed.

Extras – (9/10) Plenty of weapons to work with in this kit. You get a restyled Triceros-Kai which unfortunately is missing a beam saber effect part (Boo). Both the Tsumuhanotachi and Okitsu No Kagami look great but only one can be on the left arm; the former’s claws don’t extend that far and the latter has posing problems due to it’s size. The Totsuka no Tsurugi sabers are restyled nicely. You get fixed pose hands for arms, open and holding hands, in addition to the fist and RG hand for the left arm. You get an action base connector and a figure of Rondo Mina Sahaku. Stickers are the glossy type and mostly look okay but the left shoulder ones are prone to silvering on the edges.

Value – (10/10) This is a 3000 yen kit (~$27) from March 2017. This is a very nice looking kit once completed, with or without paint and stickers. The array of weapons provided will allow for lots of possible action poses and for the most part, the kit is quite stable through several poses. For it’s price, it falls between the HG and the 1/100 versions, but in terms of appearances, this kit wins over both.

Total – (36/40) This is a great kit and definitely pick it up if you have an interest in it.

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