Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Gundam Epyon ver EW


My review of the Master Grade Gundam Epyon ver EW (MG-146)

This is the revised, Katoki version of the Gundam Epyon from Gundam Wing.

Detail – (9/10) This kit looks amazing once completed. Has a larger presence than expected. Nice colors and everything is molded correctly with the sole exception of the inner claws which should had been gray according to the artwork.

Articulation – (9/10) Pretty good overall for a variable MS. Additional joints in the legs for the Dragon MA mode are replicated well. Arms and head have great range of motion but the waist is a bit limited. Wings have good range as well and open up nicely. Several pieces can fall off the kit during posing however such as the arms, skirt armor and ankle fins.

Extras – (9/10) The Epyon only comes with two weapons; the beam sword and the heat rod shield. Both look fantastic. Beam sword wire is thick and sturdy. Heat rod is nice but fragile so handle carefully. The hands are fixed pose kind. Comes with two unique action base connectors, one of MS mode and the other for MA mode. MS connector doesn’t have a secure connection to the kit so the kit is at risk of falling off it so be careful how you pose the Epyon. Comes with a Millardo Peacecraft figure, some foils for sensors, and stickers and dry transfers. The dry transfers of the legs are especially difficult to apply.

Value – (9/10) This is a June 2011 kit that retails for 4800 yen (~$44). This is a more involved MG than you would think as there is some extra complexity in the build of the legs, wings and heat rod involved. However this is an amazing looking kit once built and price is fair for what you are getting.

Total – (36/40) This is a awesome kit and may be one of the better MG Wing kits around. Transformation is simple enough. If you have an interest in this kit, pick it up as you will likely enjoy it.

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