Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Wing Gundam


My review of the Master Grade Wing Gundam (MG-132).

Detail – (9/10) Great looking version of the original Okawara Wing Gundam. Nice proportions and bold colors. A few vents need painting to look fully accurate. Dark Gunmetal frame color is a mixed bag, grey would had been better.

Articulation – (9/10) Great articulation for a variable MG. Probably one of the most well balanced Gundams with wings on the back and can stand unassisted relatively well. Some parts do tend to fall off while posing so have that glue handy. Transformation is relatively simple but I did have issues getting the arms straight and the side skirts to hook into the armpits. Once together it is very solid.

Extras – (8/10) Comes with the Buster Rifle, Shield, and beam saber as standard accessories. Buster rifle is nicely molded with removable charge packs but the dark gunmetal plastic is prone to black nubs and is too dark a color. The shield is very nice with moving gimmicks when it opens up but the connection parts are flimsy. The Gundam has no problem holding these. Comes with fixed pose hands and a figure of Heero Yui. Decals are the sticker and dry transfer type with a few foils for sensors.

Value – (10/10) This is a 4000 yen(~$36) kit from April of 2010. This is a fun build and a feels like a quality kit despite a few loose parts. This is the best looking version of the Wing Gundam out there and for the price, it’s a great buy.

Total – (36/40) This is a great MG kit. If you have an interest in this kit, buy it.

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