Gunpla Special – HG Zaku I DZ Custom


This is my overview of my custom Zaku build for ZakuAurelius’s Custom Zaku Contest. (MS-05R-DZ).

Contest winner video:… I made into the top 10! Woohoo!

This is a HG The Origin Zaku I kit, fully painted, with water slide decals and light weathering. It has some minor customizations added such as extra boosters on the legs, added spike to the shoulder armor, a rather large commander horn, and attachment adapters for the Machine Gun and the Anti-ship rifle.

I think of it as something of a high mobility, assault type Zaku I, akin to the MS-06R high mobility Zaku IIs and the Kampher.

As this is fully painted and modified kit, I have no official review for it but the base kit itself I was impressed with and is recommended.

Image Gallery:


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