Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Ball ver Ka


My review of the Master Grade Ball ver Ka. (MG-76)

Ball is life, ball is love.

Detail – (10/10) Excellent exterior detail, colors all molded. Uses of wires and metal rods for added detail. Interior detail is amazing with two layers of internal frame.

Articulation – (9/10) Arms have good range of motion and joints simulated well. Various thrusters throughout can move, hatch opens nicely and the cannon has a great range of movement.

Extras – (5/10) You get a stand to display the kit and some figures. That’s it. Comes with stickers and a huge amount of dry transfers that are very difficult to apply.

Value – (10/10) This is a 2000 yen (~$18) kit from December 2004. This is perhaps the cheapest Master Kit but with such an incredible level of detail this a practical bargain kit.

Total – (34/40) A great kit. Every gunpla builder should have one of these considering just how cheap and awesome it is.

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