Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade 00 Gundam Seven Sword


My review of the Real Grade 00 Gundam Seven Sword. (P-Bandai exclusive)

My first foray into the pricey, exclusive P-Bandai club of kits. Is this one worth the extra hassle? Maybe.

As an limited exclusive, parts variant of the RG 00 Raiser kit I won’t do a full review as 75% of it is the same as the kit it is based on. For this I will just show off what is new with this kit.

The Seven Swords equipment is nice but the GN Sword II Long and the GN Buster Sword II are a bit too big and heavy for the 00 Gundam kit to wield and hamper articulation. Bandai has provided a simple helper stand to assist with the Buster Sword posing.

Overall, it’s a nice kit but may not be worth the exclusive asking price for anyone who is a not a fan of the 00 Gundam. The MG variant is easier to acquire and offers more extras such as a combining GN Katar and the GN Sword II Blaster for the upgraded version of this suit.

RG 00 Raiser review:

Image Gallery:


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