Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Hyaku Shiki 2.0


My review of the Master Grade Hyaku Shiki 2.0 (MG-187)

This is a gorgeous looking kit with some great mechanical detail underneath.

Detail – (10/10) The new gold titanium finish Bandai uses for this kit is a huge improvement over the electroplated gold chrome on the old MG. The majority of parts are undergated so nubs are of little concern but still, have some gold touch-up paint handy. The kit has a full inner frame with some nice detail throughout. No painting needed anywhere though there are a few black stickers for spots on the wings.

Articulation – (10/10) Bandai cut no corners on the frame with this kit unlike with the old MG. You get a full frame that has some impressive articulation, incliding an additional hold over joint from the Delta Gundam. With everything on, the kit is slightly back heavy so have an action base if you want to do posing. The hands are 2.0 style with individual finger joints and uses a movable tab for weapon holding.

Extras – (9/10) Excellent looking weapons, though basic. You get three styles of head sensors for the kit, solid black, a scanning type, and a red Gundam like eyes piece. These can be swapped as needed. Comes with four (4) Quattro Bageena figures… Two standing and two seated. Kit comes with sticker and dry transfer decals and a set of foils for sensors.

Value – (9/10) This is a 6800 yen (~$61) kit from May of 2015. A higher price is expected for a coated kit such as this but since this a kit that looks fantastic out of the box and has excellent articulation, the price is very much worth the extra $$. You will be impressed by this guy.

Total – (38/40) An awesome looking kit, must buy.

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