Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade 00 Raiser



My review of the Real Grade 00 Raiser (RG-18).

Part 1 covers the 00 Gundam itself.

Part 2 covers the O Raiser and the combined 00 Raiser form.

Detail – (10/10) Excellent appearance throughout. A very finely detailed kit of the 00 Raiser. No painting needed anywhere unless you want to color the clear GN Sword II scopes.

Articulation – (8/10) Excellent but suffers some arm restriction due to the GN Drive placement. Some parts are prone to falling off during posing, shoulders, ankle armor, side skirts and the Raiser parts don’t have the strongest connect to the GN drives. It’s top heavy, so get an action base.

Extras – (10/10) Loads of extras, perhaps the most in any RG kit. All of the weapons are great, good hands (although they can be worn loose after a while), landing skids for the O Raiser, action base connectors, big beam effect parts and parts to make it into the movie version of the 00 Raiser. Kit comes with the standard sticker decals.

Value – (10/10) This is a 3000 yen (~$26) kit from April of 2015. It’s price is slightly higher than the standard 2500 yen of most RGs but with the abundance of extras and a great quality kit, this is an extremely good value purchase. A fun build that will look great on your shelf.

Total – (38/40) An awesome kit and one of the best RG kits you can buy.

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