The 200th Master Grade Kit

It might be a bit early to start talking about such a thing, but after the MG ZZ Gundam Ver Ka comes out, we will be only 2 releases from the big 2 0 0.

When the 100th MG came around there was a lot of excitement and speculation surrounding the milestone. Most people, including myself at the time, predicted it would be long awaited MG RX-78-2 Gundam 2.0.

However Bandai pulled the rug out from everyone and shocked us with the MG Turn A Gundam. It was kind of a big deal at the time. Most Gunpla builders didn’t consider the Turn A possible in MG form, but Bandai made it happen and with a stellar kit to boot.

So now that the 200th MG is coming, very likely in 2018, it now dawns on me on just what sort of surprise Bandai is going to do for this milestone.

I have my top 5 contenders. So let’s talk about them.

1 – Strike Freedom Gundam 2.0. With the slate of new SeeD kits lately, Freedom 2.0, Providence and Justice, it makes sense Bandai would continue the trend. The Strike Freedom and it’s pilot, Kira Yamato, love him or hate him, is still a VERY popular Gundam protagonist in Japan. The MG Strike Freedom itself hasn’t aged gracefully as it appears rather bland next to the newer SeeD MGs and it’s RG and PG counterparts. I feel an updated 2.0 version is inevitable and since it’s a popular character and Gundam, it’s a good contender for number 200.

2 – Atlas Gundam. While the new Thunderbolt season 2 is just starting, it’ll likely carry the popularity of it’s first season. The weird and unusual Atlas will likely be a strong contender for a MG release; it’s just a matter of when it’ll happen. The timing of making it number 200 once Season 2 ends would be perfect timing to drop this on the gunpla community. It’s unorthodox design would certainly draw attention and that makes it another solid contender.

3 – Char’s Zaku II (Origin or 3.0). It’s been a mystery to me as to why Bandai hasn’t made a MG of the main character’s machine from the very anime that is centered around him. You would think an Origin version of Char’s Zaku would be a no brainer after the successful Origin Gundam MG, but it still hasn’t happened. And let’s remember too, Char Aznable is another very popular Gundam character in Japan, in fact perhaps the only truly popular Gundam antagonist. So why no MG? I theorize that Bandai is waiting for the right moment to do this. The introduction of a revamped, MG Zaku II 3.0 would be perfect chance to bring Char back to the MG line. The Zaku II 2.0, as great as it is, is aging and is as old as the Gundam 2.0 kit. And the Gundam has had two major MG updates since the 2.0! The Zaku II?, none so far. Even the newest Psycho Zaku is still built on the 2.0 frame. Again, if Bandai really wanted to surprise everyone, they would make a non-Gundam the 200th kit and an updated Char’s Zaku would be perfect fit.

4 – G-Self. Now I know what you’re thinking. The G-Self? Really? It wasn’t even that popular a Gundam. My reasoning is that Bandai surprised everyone with the Turn A before, a design that wasn’t that popular in Japan and was generally thought to not be possible to do accurately in MG form. Part of the reason Bandai did it was that the Turn A was from Tomino’s return to the franchise on the 20 year anniversary. Now, G Reco is also a Tomino show, but hardly as successful as Turn A Gundam was. Still, Bandai could surprise everyone once again by giving us the G-Self, a Gundam nobody seriously considers as MG worthy. It could happen and it would certainly surprise everyone.

5 – Barbatos. IBO has been doing okay as far as I am aware and the idea of a MG of the main Gundam is a topic that floats around now and then. The problem is what form of Barbatos deserves the MG treatment, if any. The 1/100 Full Mechanics kits do a decent job of being better than average HGs, crossing into MG territory with their detail level and inner frames. So would a MG version be even worth it? I think it’ll still happen but it may still be a ways off until Bandai can create something in MG that would vastly surpass the Full Mechanics kits. A completely new line of IBO MGs could start up and the obvious first choice would be Barbatos, likely the first general form from season 1. Bandai could use the number 200 spot to kick off the line.


Well, that’s my top five predicted possibilities for the big 200th MG. It could be one of those, of it could be something completely different. Whatever it’ll be, we may get a idea of it by the end of the year after the ZZ ver ka comes out and it’ll be sure to amaze.





















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