Gunpla Reviews – RE 1/100 Dijeh


My review of the RE 1/100 Dijeh (RE-04)

Amuro Ray’s relatively obscure MS gets its due in 1/100.

Detail – (9/10) Looks great overall. Very Master Grade like. Balanced amount of lining and sizes seem good, if slimmed down a bit from the lineart. Some stickers are used for minor color apps, but a couple are missing(tip of shield, center head sensor).

Articulation – (6/10) Decent enough. Upper body and arms have good range, waist limited. Legs have okay range of movement, but feet barely move. Back thrusters and wings can move a bit. Overall range is motion is above average but nothing noteworthy.

Extras – (8/10) Re-uses the Beam rifle and Clay Bazooka from the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0, both weapons are finely detailed and look great however the bazooka lacks hand pegs. Beam naginata is fine but has some difficulty staying held in the fixed pose hands. The fixed pose hands are nicely detailed. Kit comes with foils for color apps and sensors and sticker decals and a fair variety of optional markings to choose from.

Value – (7/10) This is a 3500 yen (~$30) kit from July 2015. The price is the average for the RE 1/100 line and comparable to an older, smaller Master Grade. Western prices tend to be a bit inflated for the line so be prepared to pay more. Overall a decent kit and fair value purchase.

Total – 30/40 A decently made kit of an obscure Amuro suit. If you’re a fan of the design, get it. Otherwise, it’s not necessarily a must buy.

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