Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Gundam Exia


My review of the Real Grade Gundam Exia (RG-15)

An excellent first entry of the Gundam 00 series into RG.

Detail – (10/10) Great detail throughout. Holographic elements for GN transfer cables, two tone blues and whites, good part separations, and CHROMED blades. Perfect.

Articulation – (8/10) Pretty good overall for a real grade. Nice slide and moving gimmicks in the knees and legs. Chest has moving elements. Shoulders head pieces can pop off. Hip articulation not the best.

Extras – (9/10) Good assortment of weapons provided, especially if you like bladed weapons. They all look good. GN Blades lack hand pegs for a secure hold. Shield is underwhelming and attachment adapter can’t rotate.

Value – (10/10) This is a 2500 yen kit (~$21) from 2014. For such a nicely detailed kit with chromed parts this is a great buy.

Total – (37/40) An awesome kit. Get it.

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