Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade GM Sniper II


My review of the Master Grade GM Sniper II (MG-196)

First MG of 2017 is an instant hit.

Detail (9/10) – Overall a great looking kit out of the box. Colors are great. Some gray paint needed to fill in vent and indentation details. Ankle armor has a bothersome visible split unless you glue it. Full inner frame inside.

Articulation (10/10) – This is probably the most articulate MG since the Origin Gundam(minus the 3.0 hands). Re-uses a lot of the Gundam 2.0’s excellent inner frame along with an improved torso provides a huge range of motion for the limbs and body. No body parts fall off during posing so another plus. Just amazing overall.

Extras (9/10) – Provided weapons look great. The Sniper rifle is one of the best looking Gunpla weapons around. The Bull pup gun is also nice as a secondary weapon with extra magazines. The shield is very nice and has a kickstand and a slot of holding the sabers. Comes with the swap-able hands from the MG AGE kits and while they look nice, they do tend to fall out easily. Provided decals are the sticker and dry transfer types (lots of extra decals here so you can customize).

Value (10/10) – This is a 4000 yen (~$35) kit from January 2017. This is on the lower end of MG prices as of the last couple years. Being such an articulate and great looking kit with the easy potential for customization makes this one of the best value gunplas of late. Fun build, looks great, amazing quality and it won’t hurt your wallet.

Total (38/40) – One of the best kits around. A must buy.

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