Gunpla Reviews – RG Build Strike Gundam Full Package


My review of the Real Grade Build Strike Gundam Full Package (RG-23).

An excellent redesign of the RG Strike Gundam with a few nice gimmicks.

Detail – (10/10) Excellent and well balanced level of detail throughout. Colors are bold and pleasing. Clear parts add a unique flair.

Articulation – (9/10) Great articualtion throughout. Retains much of the excellent design from the Strike. Side skirts changed, but they do stand out a lot. Feet can fall off due to the extenders.

Extras – (9/10) Build booster is a nice add-on though a tad complicated with it’s arm system. Weapons are nice and creative with their modular design. Shield dis pretty basic but can hold weapons mods. Top piece of the shield is a loose fit so glue required.

Value – (9/10) This is a 2500 yen (~$22) from December 2016. Like it’s origin kit, the Strike Gundam, this is still a great deal and slightly better overall that the kit it’s based on.

Total – (37/40) A great build overall. Definitely pick it up if you’re interested at all in the design.

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