Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Skygrasper


My review of the Real Grade Skygrasper (RG-06).

A unique non-mobile suit kit that serves as a accessory to the Real Grade Strike Gundam.

Detail – (9/10) Excellent detail throughout. Matches the aesthetic of the RG Strike Gundam. Sticker heavy. Skygrapser canopy will need a bit of paint.

Articulation – (7/10) Not much, but some points of movement were worked into the Skygrasper. The weapon packs themselves have some moving parts. The arm on the Launcher pack is particularly articulate.

Extras – (10/10) This kit is pretty much just all extras with a Skygrasper thrown in. You get a nice display adapter for the striker pack you don’t utilize. Decals are the sticker type and there are a lot.

Value – (8/10) This is a 2012 kit with a price of 2500 yen (~$21). It’s the standard price for most RGs, however this is less a mobile suit and more of an extras kit. Without the RG Strike Gundam, this kit doesn’t have much purpose on it’s own but what you have here is still a quality kit.

Total – (34/40) This is a pretty sweet and unique Real Grade. If you have the RG Strike Gundam, then you should pick this up to round out all of the Strike’s armaments.

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