Gunpla Reviews -RG Aile Strike Gundam


My review of the Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam (RG-03).

A fantastic kit of the lead suit from Gundam SeeD.

Detail – (10/10) Excellent rendition of the Strike Gundam. All parts molded in color. Varying tones of colors used along with incredible detail make for a great looking kit right out of the box.

Articulation – (9/10) Overall the articulation is great like with many RGs. Sections of the kit slide and move along with the frame as it bends. Some parts do tend to fall off easily such as the side skirts and arm halves.

Extras – (8/10) Weapons and the Aile Striker are nicely detailed. The holding pegs are the weapons are troublesome and won’t fit into the fixed pose hands. Kit comes with a lot of stickers, most are good but a few aren’t cut so well and may need to be trimmed down.

Value – (9/10) This is a 2011 kit that retails for 2500 yen (~$21). This is comparable to some more complex HGs, yet this kit is miles better than a HG. For a awesomely detailed, yet compact kit, this is a great value for the price.

Total – (36/40) This is a great kit despite a few minor issues.

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