Gunpla Reviews – MG Kampher


My review of the Master Grade Kampher (MG-35).

The iconic Zeon assault suit from Gundam 0080 in MG. Is it still as good as it was when it came out?

Detail – (9/10) An excellent representation of the Kampher overall. Some inner frame detail in the torso, forearms and legs. Uses a couple of white stickers for white areas. Yellow vents on the head will need paint. Looks great put together.

Articulation – (8/10) Generally pretty good for a 2001 kit. The Kampher’s lightly armored design lends itself well to posing. Knee bend restricted to the back thruster. Elbow joint can only do a bit over 90 degrees.

Extras – (9/10) Lots of weapons with this kit. You can fully load out the Kampher with most of it’s weapons. Beam sabers are a bit awkward with their two part design. Chain mine is replicated nicely but has difficultly staying in the old hands.

Value – (8/10) This is a 2001 kit that retails for 4000 yen (~$35). Despite it’s age, this is still a very good Master Grade kit. Coupled with a unique Zeon design and plenty of weapons, this is still an excellent buy.

Total – (34/40) A great kit overall. While some may wish for a 2.0 of this kit, the original is still good and has plenty to offer.

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