Gunpla Reviews – MG Qubeley


My review of the Master Grade Qubeley (MG-41)

This is an older Master Grade and not quite up there with today’s standards, but still looks the part.

Detail – (8/10) Overall, a solid representation of Haman Karn’s personal newtype suit. There are a few seams lines to be aware of in the rear feet and torso, but overall it’s good. Colors are good however the underside of the binders lack color so paint will be necessary.

Articulation – (4/10) Arms have limited articulation, less than 90 degree bend. Legs fare better but foot joint gets loose over time leading to a leaning suit. Shoulder binders can’t fold down. Nicely articulated hands.

Extras – (6/10) Very spartan but the Qubeley only has funnels and a pair of sabers. Funnels are nicely detailed but very small and easy to loose. Sabers are difficult to remove from arms and don’t hold or pose well. Would be nice if there was a way to display the funnels. Comes with stickers(old chunky ones) and dry transfers and a tiny Haman Karn figure.

Value – (5/10) This is a 2001 kit that retails for 4000 yen (~$35). As such an old kit, it rather pales next to MGs of the last 10 years or so. Articulation isn’t that great and the color separation is adequate so it feels like a big High Grade. The newer HGUC Revive version has better articulation and adequate color separation so it’s currently the better version to get until a 2.0 of the MG happens.

Total – (23/40) Just okay. It’s sub-par by today’s standards.

Image gallery:

Onward to February!


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