Gunpla Reviews – MG Nemo


My review of the Master Grade Nemo (MG-84)

An overall basic, but very nice quality grunt suit of the GM lineage.

Detail – (10/10) No additional painting or stickers required. Everything is in nice colors. Nicely detailed inner frame.

Articulation – (7/10) Good enough for a MP suit. Shoulders and knee bend could be better. Wrist covers tend to come loose. Cockpit difficult to open completely.

Extras – (6/10) Spartan accessories. Beam rifle, shield and sabers. Sabers lack a notch to fit into the hands. Includes sticker and dry transfers.

Value – (9/10) This is a 2006 kit that retails for 2800 yen (~$24). This is on the cheaper end of MGs but this is still a surprisingly good quality kit that is based on the Gundam Mk II 2.0 mechanics.

Total – (32/40) A good kit overall. A must buy for those who are fans of the MG GM kits.

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