Gunpla Reviews – MG AGE-2 Dark Hound


My review of the Master Grade Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound (MG-162).

An interesting, Crossbone Gundam inspired variant of the AGE-2 with it’s own distinct scheme. Nice to look, but has technical problems.

Detail – (9/10) Faithful to the lineart. Seams are well hidden. Lacks a detailed inner frame due to the modular design of the AGE machines. No additional painting required.

Articulation – (7/10) Can pose generally well but is better on an action base; ground poses are limited. Many parts do tend to fall off; shoulders, arms, skirt armor. Knee joint is ruined by inner transformation mechanism.

Extras – (8/10) DODS Lancer is a fine weapon, but the silver plastic leaves obvious nub marks. Can be held securely by the hand. Beam saber blades require a small amount of trimming to fit properly into the handles. Swab able hands are nicely detailed. Comes with Dry transfers and stickers, however most are faint next tot he dark grey of the suit and the pin stripes of the wings are a PITA to apply.

Value – (8/10) This is a 2012 release at 4200 yen (~$36). The price isn’t bad for a transforming MG but considering Bandai has done better with variable machines before (for example, the Zeta 2.0). the value is rather average for the low price.

Transformation – It’s not a complicated transformation, but compared to the Zeta 2.0, this kit is more flimsy and parts fall off all the time. The Zeta is a much more solid kit in waverider mode than the AGE-2 is in G-Strider.

Total – (32/40) It’s a “good” kit with some issues. I would only recommend it if you’re a fan of the machine itself, otherwise it’s a pass as posing/transforming it will only aggravate you.

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