Thoughts on Gundam X

Another unseen series checked off. I have now watched all of After War Gundam X.

Was it as good as the fanboys proclaim?

Kind of.

I will say I enjoyed it slightly more then ZZ Gundam. It is better than Gundam Wing and G Gundam. I actually feel like overall it be comparable to Gundam SeeD in how much I enjoyed it. I though it was good overall, but didn’t quite hook me until late into the show and by then it was obviously rushing to get to the end.

So, nitpick time!

1 – Just how did this mess come to be?

Backstory is important in stories. And Gundam X definitely has a backstory loosely based on the UC Gundam One Year Way. Instead of Zeon, we have the Space Rebellion Army, and the Federation is… the UNE, but also called the Federation. Both sides are toying around with newtypes in their own ways and … the SRA decides instead of dropping one colony on Earth, they will drop… 50 of them. Or 100. I don’t know the exact number, but it’s implied to be a lot. The Feddies develop the Gundam X and the Satellite cannon system to thwart this attack.

So what the freaking hell went wrong? This backstory is definitely lacking some important details. For starters, why did the SRA chuck a majority of it’s(I’m assuming it was theirs) space colonies at Earth? Wouldn’t one or two done the trick? What happened to all the people living in those colonies? Are they all dead? How? Did they all move to Cloud Nine where the SRA is? (I would think not unless they invited massive overcrowding and a huge mass of resentful residents).

And why didn’t the Gundam X’s (Yes, the Federation had multiple Gundam X’s, this was established right in the show) destroy the majority of these colonies? Jamil in his Gundam X only took down one. Just one. Did they all wait till the last minute when they couldn’t possibly take them down?

Lastly, if that many colonies hit the Earth, there is no 15 years later. Possibly not a 100 either.

2 – Newtypes, newtypes, newtypes

A lot of Gundam X centers around newtypes and the mythos behind them. Some people blame them for the 7th Space war’s conclusion, others kind of worship them as superhumans. In a way, it takes the idea of newtypes from UC Gundam to the extreme. Our main, Garrod, thankfully is not a newtype so he isn’t burdened by most of the BS that revolves around newtypes. We get plenty of that from other characters like Jamil and Tifa. The Federation seems to view them as weapons to be used… which is more in line with UC Gundam. The SRA on the other hand… is batshit crazy when it comes to newtypes. Or at least their leader, Zidel is.

While Zidel and Bloodman(his Feddie counterpart) are the big bad antagonists of each faction, Zidel’s beliefs about newtypes, makes Bloodman seem sane by comparison.  Zidel believes every spacenoid is a newtype and only he can say who is and who isn’t a newtype… because reasons. Maybe he just seems the more crazy one because the space elements of Gundam X had to be compressed and pared down but he was borderline ridiculous to his obsessions over newtypes.

3 – Newtype Dolphins, yes you read right

In perhaps the strangest plot point of Gundam X is the encountering of a “newtype” dolphin that is supposed to be a stand-in for Moby Dick. I’m not sure where any this came from as I was under the impression newtype abilities stemmed from the need to communicate over the vast distances of space… so how did a dolphin acquire this? Was it a test subject from the federation? Why? For what reason? Were they going to weaponize dolphins?

Oh, and the dude hunting said dolphin has the most mis-shapen head I have seen. Seriously, it needs to be seen to be believed.

4 – Let’s all go to D.O.M.E.

The concluding act has everyone, SRA, Feddies, and the Freeden crew all vying to reach DOME on the moon. Cause they all apparently expect some wondrous thing that will change the war for them without knowing what the heck it is. They pretty much just find a empty room. Good job.

Well not exactly. Of course DOME is there as some sort of newtype assimilated by the Matrix and only really Tifa can speak with him. Still, it’s not as if DOME was going to help either side.

Speaking of which, just why did the SRA wait all this time to just now go find DOME? They were right there on the other side of the moon all this time and they couldn’t investigate it all this time? Sure DOME had defenses, but those didn’t maintain their effectiveness for long when both parties showed up.

Also, you mean to tell me that the Feddies didn’t really know what was up there? Who the heck built the microwave station on the moon anyway? So many unanswered questions.

5 – We must Invade and Conquer Earth for Reasons

Zidel wants the SRA to invade and conquer Earth.


So you have no more colonies to toss at it, so let’s make a colony laser!

Let’s assume his plan works out. He blasts Earth with the colony laser, maybe wiping out the feddies and ruining Earth’s environment for another 15 years. What is the need for invading at that point? You cannot seriously have the man-power to do that and what would any of this accomplish?

Did I mention that Zidel was the more insane of the villain bunch in this show?

6 – The Frost Brothers are the Worst Villains Ever

Worst as in they make terrible villains. They are the very definition of “try-hard” in edginess and being generally evil.

Their whole shtick is basically centered around an inferiority complex. They hate newtypes cause they can’t use the flash system, they hate the Feddies for ignoring them in favor of finding real newtypes, they hate the SRA cause they be space people that worship newtypes, they hate the Freeden people cause they like newtypes, they hate normal people cause they aren’t the “future”, they hate Garrod cause they view him as a personal nemesis. Basically they just hate everyone and are assholes.

They spend nearly half the show betraying every person who allied with them all in the process of eliminating the competition so… they can be the alpha-dogs after the war… or something? Ruler supreme? I don’t know.

If anyone deserved to die, it was these two, but in Gundam X’s one major failing… They still lived at the end. For shame.

7 – The Only Stand Out Episode

Most of Gundam’s episodes revolve around MS combat and once in a rare occurrence we’ll get something character driven that lets the fighting step aside. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Thankfully, episode 15 is one of the better. It follows right after the Fort Severn arc and provides some needed relief from the MS battles and focuses on building up the characters of Witz and Roybea on their own, away from the rest of the Freeden. Seldom do we ever get to see an episode dedicated entirely to side characters and this one I enjoyed. It really felt like they portrayed the post-apocalyptic lifestyle here best and so much of it is glossed over as background stuff in the rest of the show. While there is some MS combat, it’s minor and the episode is focused solely on how Witz and Roybea cope in their own ways in the post-apocalyptic wild west of the After War era.

8 – The Mysterious Paradox of the G-Falcon

Late into the show we get introduced to our last side character, Pala Sys and her machine the G-Falcon.

Now the story goes is that the G-Falcon was built from unused plans the Feddies had made from the last war. It was to be a support unit for all Gundam type machines, combining with them for additional benefits.

Ok. It can combine with the Double X, Leopard Destroy, and Airmaster Burst. Although in the show, the combinations are barely shown and used.

The weird thing is, if you think about it, is how the New Federation built the Double X with the built compatibly for a machine, that was never built and they had no reason to think existed. This is beyond coincidence and just convenient writer meddling rearing it’s obvious head.

Also, the G-Falcon is stated to be compatible with the Gundam X but there are no known depictions of what the combination would look like, nor do the kits themselves show any signs of being able to combine. Hmmm… Is this BS?


That’a bout all I can think of regarding Gundam X. It was an okay show and clearly on the par with Wing and G Gundam. I guess it was slightly better as it wasn’t nearly as ridiculous as the shows that preceded it, but you could tell in some way that this show was a tired attempt to keep the franchise going.

Now I just have AGE and Victory to finish…. and maybe G-Reco. I’ll decide when I get there.


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