Gunpla Reviews – MG Gundam Mk II 2.0

An amazing kit when it first came out and still one of the best Master Grade kits you can get.

Detail – 9/10 Excellent balance of details throughout. Near full inner frame with simulated movable frame. Everything molded in the color it should be (except for a pair of yellow stickers on the shield).

Articulation – 9/10 Excellent overall. One of the best kits for dynamic and interesting poses. Waist rotation is limited but corrected on the Titans version.

Extras – 10/10 You get all the weapons for the Mk II and all are nicely detailed. Shield is a big improvement from the 1.0 kit. Added bonus of an Argama display stand with working cockpit platform.

Value – 10/10 Retail is 4000 yen which is about $35 at the time of this video. Price will vary from whom you purchase obviously, but as is this is a great value for an excellent kit with an awesome bonus of the display stand.

Total score – 38/40 Excellent, must buy kit.

Image gallery:



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