Gunpla Reviews – Master Grade Hi-Zack


My review of the Master Grade RMS-109 Hi-Zack (MG-73).
Overall, a nice grunt suit kit with plenty of weapons. Only real detractors are the limited arm articulation and fragile hips.

Detail (8/10) – Most everything molded in color. Sticker needed for toes, rubber cables don’t quite match the color of plastic ones, and heat hawk requires painting. Some visible seam lines.

Articulation (7/10) – Legs are great (watch the hip joint though), head and torso decent, arms have limited range; cables restrict them and no double joint. Hands are basic and lack support pegs.

Extras (10/10) – Comes with all the gear the Hi-Zack is known for. Plenty to work with.

Value (10/10) – Kit retails for 3000 yen (~$25 at current rates). With all you are getting this is a great deal.

Overall score – 35/40

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