Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Sinanju


Overall, a nice looking shelf kit. As a Gunpla, it is plagued with multiple issues involving loose parts, loose waist joints and inability to stand unlike it’s MG counterpart.

Detail – (7/10)  Lacks the expected level of surface detail we’re used to in RG. Inner frame is a modified reuse of the Gundam Mk II frame which doesn’t quite match up. The gloss injection is a mixed bag and visible nubs will be an issue as it can’t be sanded down. The RG hands don’t match the kit. Gold separation of parts is clever and well done.

Articulation – (6/10)  The modified Gundam Mk II frame is unstable. While the kit generally has expected articulation, many parts are not attached well and will fall off regularly. Can’t really stand on the ground unlike it’s MG as the waist is far too loose to support the back.

Extras – (8/10)  Has everything the standard Sinanju should come with. Clear effect parts are especially nice but fragile. Back of the shield is just plain ugly and unfinished looking with gold showing through.

Value – (7/10) This kit retails for 3800 yen which is around $32 at the time of this writing. This is on the highest end of RG at this time and for a kit that is engineered so poorly this feels like not the best value. To spare yourself the frustrations you might as well get the HGUC. It’s still a stellar looking kit once completed and on your shelf, but you won’t be doing much with it.

Total – (28/40) An above average kit with some drawbacks.

I still like it, but I don’t love it. Definitely one of the more disappointing kits of 2016.

Image Gallery:

*Updated with review score and additional images – 1/11/2017


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