Gunpla Reviews – Real Grade Char’s Z’Gok



Detail – (9/10)  Excellent, detailed up version of the Z’Gok with nice internals. Molded prop fans a nice touch.

Articulation – (7/10) Overall good. Unique AMSJ frame allows for a very bendy kit. Some pieces are loose and will fall off (Watch the toes). Arm tends to droop when out stretched.

Extras – (7/10) Not much for extras, you only get a different set of claws. The Z’Gok never really had any hand held armaments so I can’t really hold it against it. The provided decals are okay but a few have large swathes of empty space making for an unsightly appearance.

Value – (8/10)  This is 2500 yen kit which puts it around $21 at time I write this. For 700 yen you can get the HGUC version and it’s fine as long as you don’t mind the more anime faithful look. At around $20 for what you get, this a fair price.

Total – (31/40)  A good kit overall

Image Gallery:

*This review score updated on 1/11/2017


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