How I do My Gunpla Reviews

After my extensive time of building a variety of Gunpla I want to get into doing some reviews for the kits. I’ve thought about what process I should take have come up a generally applicable system that should cover all grades.

It will be a scoring system based on four main points of interest.

  1. Detail – This will cover the general level of detail of the kit and reflects how accurate it is depicted compared to it’s original art. This cover things such as panel lining, internal frames, color accuracy and anything that might need to be addressed such as areas that require painting or missing details.
  2. Articulation – This will cover the general posing capability of the kit and how stable it is in regards to various poses and the re-posing of the kit. Things of note in this category will such as; Can this kit recreate realistic poses from the show? Can it hold all it’s weapons properly? Do parts fall off when posing? Do some parts restrict movement?
  3. Extras – This will cover any accessories the kit comes with(or lack there of). Quality of weapons will be covered, bonus items, figures, and decals will be covered here.
  4. Value – This will cover whether a kit a good purchase for the money. Some kits out there are great value and worth getting even if you’re not a fan of the particular Mobile Suit depicted. Other kits can have poor value due to missing accessories or be tough to build while expensive.

With category I will rate a kit on a scale of 1-10; with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. So a terrible kit would get a 4 total (unlikely such a kit exists), or a perfect 40 (this will probably be rare).

Reviews will be written up and posted here with several photos of the finished kit.

I hope these will be of benefit to anyone researching potential kits to purchase and build.



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